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Designing Professional Development for the Distracted Learner

A Ninja pick: Beth Kanter discusses her latest work on optimizing training and development for nonprofit professionals, “Instructional design is knowing how to shape exercises based on brain and learning research.”

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How to Find More Donors for Your Non-Profit

“Will your non-profit have enough new prospects this year to raise the money you need to grow and thrive?” asks JOE GARECHT (The Fundraising Authority) and invites you to his four week comprehensive workshop on cultivating donors and raising funds.

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“Lift Up Your Nonprofit Donors with Their Olympic Moment,” coaches CLAIR, inspired by Whitney Houston’s classic. “Give me one moment in time… When I’m racing with destiny… Then in that one moment of time… I will feel… I will feel

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Publications such as TIME magazine called Millennials “lazy, entitled, narcissists who still live with their parents.” So why try to engage this entitled group with something so noble as giving back to the community?

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