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Encourage the Young Ones: Inspiring Students to Volunteer

Inspiring young people to volunteer can be just as difficult as other groups. Engaging and teaching them the values behind this act are essential for a productive future.

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Millennials Want Skills-Based Involvement With Charities

Skill development is highly valued within millennials. More than 77% indicate they would volunteer if they were able to use a specific expertise to benefit a cause.

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Use Permission Marketing to Attract Volunteers

Set up a simple system to attract, inform, and build relationships with the people you’d love to have volunteer with your organization.

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Unintended Consequences of Volunteering

Volunteering, in addition to the great feeling that comes with “giving back,” can have real positive consequences in terms of career and connections.

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Get Buy-In for Your Volunteer Program and See it Grow

Facing challenges getting buy-in from leadership or co-workers to build a volunteer program? Elisa Kosarin from Twenty Hats debunks three popular myths on getting buy-in, and how to reframe conversations to achieve your goals.

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Publications such as TIME magazine called Millennials “lazy, entitled, narcissists who still live with their parents.” So why try to engage this entitled group with something so noble as giving back to the community?

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