Major Giving

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Do you have a plan in place to meet your year-end fundraising goals?

The average non-profit raises over 40% of its annual revenue during the last quarter of the calendar year.

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Hispanic America: A Fundraising Market 55-Million Strong

For nonprofits, these are astounding numbers—not just because of the enormous volume, but because Hispanic donors are generous. Research by Russ Reid indicates Hispanic giving closely matches that of Caucasians.

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What’s In My Mailbox: The 12-Touch Portfolio

Consider your lifetime relationships that lead to monthly giving, major gifts, and legacy gifts. How are you building these relationships? How are you maintaining them? Are you letting your supporters know the impact they’re making?

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Taking Your Story Multichannel

PAMELA GROW elucidates on the power and importance of nonprofit storytelling through ‘Stephen’s Story’. It is certainly imperative to tell your story effectively, and going multichannel is the way ahead.

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