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Let Go and Freshen Up

Tips on nonprofit “spring cleaning” for your data and messaging from Ann Green.

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How to Craft a Killer Thank You Letter

Thank you letters can be difficult. What are the best tactics to make your donor overall happy they made a gift? Gail Perry discusses the steps in successfully writing these letters to retain these donors.  

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5 Direct Mail Controls and Why They Still Work

Read about time-tested strategies and appeals that have driven the most customer and donor response, and why these stand firm against whatever competition is thrown against it.

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How to Create a Donor-Centered Fundraising Letter

Are you getting ready to write your year-end fundraising letter. Read tips on how to nail your year-end letter by making it donor-centric.

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The Power of Handwritten Notes

In today’s digital world we sometimes forget that small gestures like hand written notes go a long way. These notes can be written to inform your donors of leadership changes, or simply to say thank you for donating.

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What’s In My Mailbox: The 12-Touch Portfolio

Consider your lifetime relationships that lead to monthly giving, major gifts, and legacy gifts. How are you building these relationships? How are you maintaining them? Are you letting your supporters know the impact they’re making?

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Double the Results of Your End of Year Appeal

Direct mail fundraising can be overlooked at times, however, almost every nonprofit uses some form of it. From annual appeal letters to solicitation letters. Physical mail is still an effective way to raise money from donors – big or small.

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Taking Your Story Multichannel

PAMELA GROW elucidates on the power and importance of nonprofit storytelling through ‘Stephen’s Story’. It is certainly imperative to tell your story effectively, and going multichannel is the way ahead.

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Mastering the “Soft Skills” of Fundraising

A Ninja pick from one of GAIL PERRY’S best loved blogs. She elaborates on “Mastering the Soft Skills of A Fundraiser: What They Don’t Teach You in Fundraising 101”.

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