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Constantly Review Your Strategy on Facebook Or You Can Get Lost in the Clutter

Facebook has recently tweaked its News Feed algorithm, which is nothing new, but it requires review and some strategizing of your nonprofits social media strategy to stay ahead of the game.

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How to Create a Donor-Centered Fundraising Letter

Are you getting ready to write your year-end fundraising letter. Read tips on how to nail your year-end letter by making it donor-centric.

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The Power of Handwritten Notes

In today’s digital world we sometimes forget that small gestures like hand written notes go a long way. These notes can be written to inform your donors of leadership changes, or simply to say thank you for donating.

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Harness the Power of Tiny Asks to Retain Donors

Asks need not always be for donations, tiny asks can be effectively used to build relationship with donors and retain them from year to year.

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25 Questions to Ask to Get the Story

Organizations can inspire donors by telling stories about the impact of their work. And in order to tell a rich and interesting story, the key lies in asking the right questions. Here are 25 questions that will help you prepare for your next story interview.  

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How I Saw the Light – Change Your Fundraising Communications Now!

Using social media tools for fund raising seems to be the buzz these days, but are you wondering whether it really helps or is it just another fad? Get some practical advice from Gail Perry and her success with using twitter and .gifs

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